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Cohesion Policy of the European Union – worksheets

The Worksheets Cohesion Policy of the European Union, which is offered to the attention of the readers, are conceived as educational material and a tool for disseminating information on the European Union´s Cohesion Policy.

Cohesion policy is one of the most important policies of the European Union and is also one of the most significant investment policies. Under the cohesion policy, Member States have available financial resources which they can use to promote cohesion - economic, social and territorial. In addition, the European Union offers a number of other tools to facilitate and support cohesion.

The aim of the Worksheets is to support analytical and practical skills of students in the application of theoretical knowledge on the European integration, European Union and in particular, cohesion policy of the European Union. The Worksheets build on the book Cohesion Policy of the European Union.

The Worksheets are produced with the support of the European Union with the project named EU Cohesion Policy: Read – Watch – Find (REWAFI). The publication is intended primarily to higher education institute students interested in issues related to the Cohesion Policy of the European Union.

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